IMS LTI Resource Search Demonstration

Welcome to our LTI Resource Search Sandbox. We invite you to experience the utility of the IMS LTI Resource Search as well as the quality of the Knovation OER Metadata Collection powering the search.

Keep in mind this is our sandbox environment as the LTI Resource Search specification has not been finalized and approved. As such, this demo service is accessing a limited set of resource records, metadata fields, and academic standards.

We geek out over this stuff — so, contact us if you want to talk IMS, LTI, OER, metadata, integration… You can also visit our developers page for additional information on our OER Metadata integration services.

Give It a Try!

Search first by Keyword, Subject or Standard. Then, filter the results by Learning Resource Type, Language, Publisher, Rating or Age Range.

Search Service Notes

  • Knovation’s LTI Resource Search Service is powered by entering a Keyword, or selecting a Subject or Standard.
  • Based upon the size of the search result set, filtering by Learning Resource Type, Language, Publisher, Rating or Age Range will limit the number of results and allow you to view the OER that meet that criteria. Note that the available filter criteria will vary based upon the initial search results list, and certain combinations of filters may result in the message “We couldn’t find anything matching.”
  • Disclaimer: This demonstration search service is a prototype utilizing limited Subjects and Standards. In its production environment, Knovation curates OER across all academic subjects, and the state and national academic standards for Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies.

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