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Case Study: LTI Resource Search

Alongside Houston Independent School District and School City, Knovation’s CTO, Vikash Jaiswal, co-presented “The Last Mile in Personalized Learning: From Assessing Needs to Delivering the Right Resource at the Right Time to the Right Student”. Reviewing a cutting edge program revolutionizing learning in HISD through data from formative assessments and the use of content to support student mastery.

Specification: LTI Resource Search

LTI Resource Search defines how to search digital repositories for a set of resources. The standard addresses searching learning object repositories (LORs), and other catalogs of learning resources, from learning tools using various attributes of resources and returning full metadata about the resources to the learning tools. Results can be launched either as URLs or LTI links.

LTI Resource Search Implementation

In this brief 14-minute presentation and demo from a 2018 conference, Vikash Jaiswal, Knovation’s CTO, demonstrates the implementation of the upcoming IMS LTI Resource Search standard between Knovation and other early adopters.

Want to watch the presentation to learn more about Knovation’s February 2018 LTI Resource Search implementation?

LTI Resource Search = Integration Ready

Knovation offers integration services that provides a wealth of OER metadata. As an early adopter of the LTI Resource Seach specification, Knovation’s OER metadata integration services are tech roadmap friendly.

Want to integrate using with our industry-leading search engine? Willing to invest 3 developer days to achieve a working proof of concept for LTI Resource Search in your platform or application?

Knovation OER Metadata Collection

(Read the CELT Review of Knovation's 127-Point Resource Certification Process)
(Review our "What Have We Done for You Lately?" quartely report for recent additions to the Collection)

OER Playlists by Subject

Our OER Metadata Collection represents the curation of tens of thousands of resources for the four core subject areas (Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Mathematics), as well as many other key subject areas (World Languages, English Language Learners, Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education, Philosophy and Religion, Career and Technical Education, Current Events, Technology, and 21st Century Skills).

View the videos below or view our Sampler for Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

OER Playlists by Academic Standard

In conversations across a broad spectrum of K-12 Districts and organizations that serve them, Knovation noticed teachers struggling to find quality, aligned resources for instruction. No longer will teachers sort and sift through an oversupply of content, curated or not. They are looking for very small, specifically curated collections of the best resources to address an academic standard. In response, Knovation's seasoned teacher curation specialists targeted the best resources aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Math and English Language Arts, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The result of this work is Knovation’s highly curated “Teacher Recommended” Playlists, tightly correlated for CCSS and NGSS.

What does “Teacher Recommended” resources mean?

Teacher Recommended resources are first evaluated using Knovation’s quality rubric to assure relevance, appropriateness, and value of the resources. Then, Knovation teacher curators review and hand select resources they know work in their classrooms and feel confident would work in other teachers’ classrooms that specifically align to the respective academic standard.

What else did Knovation’s teacher curators consider when recommending resources?

In curating this Collection, Knovation teacher curators considered different learning styles and the reasons why teachers use digital content. These teacher curators have done everything in their power to locate, evaluate, and align reliable content that is freely available and meets expectations of quality.

What can a teacher accessing resources in the Teacher Recommended Collections expect?

Teachers can expect the Teacher Recommended Collection to meet certain scale requirements – 6-10 digital resources per education standard. As well, resources in the Teacher Recommended Collection represent:

  1. A broad range of digital content publishers
  2. Diversity of learning resource types (video, audio, interactive media, etc.)
  3. Resources both for practice and instruction
  4. Resources that appropriately span complexity/readability ranges

Additionally, Knovation uses advanced technology to continuously monitor and maintain Teacher Recommended Collections resources giving teachers comfort that resources are available and appropriate at the point of instruction.

Publishers Curated for the Knovation OER Metadata Collection

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