EdTech Time Capsule

Top 25 Innovations and Innovators of the Past 25 Years

Technology innovations have turned education inside out in America’s classrooms over the past two and a half decades. In recognition of those innovations — and in celebration of its 25th anniversary — the Consortium for School Networking, in partnership with EdScoop, has created a virtual EdTech Time Capsule to honor 25 edtech innovations and innovators of the past 25 years.

We are celebrating at Knovation!

Recently, we were thrilled to hear about our nomination to be included in the virtual EdTech Time Capsule program, presented by the Consortium for School Networking, in partnership with EdScoop. Even more exciting… when we found out that our very own netTrekker won a place in the top 25 edtech innovations and innovators of the past 25 years!

Tipping Our Hat to the Past

Creating the idea and ultimate application that became netTrekker was and still is a collaborative effort involving many people who care deeply about doing something good for kids. Starting in 1999, a small team assembled to work through what it would take to build the collection of learning content that would someday become the basis of netTrekker and other powerful Knovation solutions.

What is netTrekker?

Click to view a short video talking about what netTrekker is all about. 

June 1999

Entrepreneurs Randy Wilhelm and Rob Reinders co-found company originally known as Thinkronize.

December 1999

Randy Wilhelm and company leaders rally around a central and deeply personal mission - Doing something good for kids.

Wilhelm is pictured here with all 5 of his own children as well as many other Thinkronize company employee children.


We are always eager as a team to help you stay on course with your digital transition and transformation.


netTrekker Teacher Curators were one of the first groups to really capture the need for educator vetted content from the Web - sharing print roadmaps to online resources.


And, we love to celebrate our own in-house Davidson Diner, compliments of one amazing Content Diva! 


The netTrekker team jumps through hoops to make sure Teachers and Students can leverage our award-winning application.

October 2000

Thinkronize launches it's first and flagship application, Digital Backpack - which evolves to become netTrekker.


Smart kids do eat chicken - and we do too!


Proud of our partnerships with outstanding content providers, like BrainPOP and our friend Moby.


The folks at netTrekker celebrating all things Jimmy Buffet with tropical wear and corn hole.

March 2002

Thinkronize embarks on a journey that leads to alignment of digital learning resources to state standards within netTrekker.


Our learning architects are passionate about helping educators work with digital learning resources using the KISS method - keep it simple and sweet!


Helping you dodge the #OER pitfalls and become digital learning champions is what our team is all about!


Our team of Customer Relationship Managers is the daring dozen of netTrekker - reaching out to implement, learn, and collaborate with districts all over the world!

May 2003

netTrekker wins the first of many educational technology industry awards for excellence in software development, the CODiE from SIIA.


The netTrekker Content and Development Teams collaborate to help deliver the most robust application for our users.


Our marketing group puts together epic experiences for educators at conferences like NECC (now known as ISTE) 2006 where we hosted our appreciation event on the deck of a battleship!

June 2006

netTrekker partners with the powerful Scantron assessment platforms to help bridge the gap in the instruction-assessment cycle.


Celebrating our collaboration with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills with our famous "I'm 21, R U?" shirts.

July 2010

Knovation moves to a new world headquarters at Park 42.


Knovators participate in a parade celebrating a partner district, Princeton City Schools.


The sales team always enjoys spending time with educators out at conferences like ISTE, CoSN, ASCD, TEA, PETE&C, GAETC and many others.

April 2007

Milestone moment ... over 10 million students are using netTrekker in the classroom.

May 2009 

netTrekker joins forces with the Partnership for 21st Century Learning - to celebrate we create a video located at a partner district that focuses on the WHY behind the WHAT for educational technology. Click to view video.


As we grew, many of our celebrations included offsite team members via technology like Skype and FaceTime.

August 2010 

We celebrated the 1st birthday of a new interface - affectionately known as the netTrekker Extreme Makeover Edition.


Knovators are known to pull up great projects and content by their bootstraps, as evidenced by how many of us actually travel the world in boots.


netTrekker and its tools have always been very engaging to Teachers and Students - a place to come for digital learning resources and more!


Our sales team sings the praises of vetted and managed digital learning resources and how it is used by our partner districts.

February 2012

netTrekker relaunches with Knovation and a renewed sense of mission to make a difference in personalized learning and the lives of kids.


We can't wait to show you what we have done with our content collection and applications!


On Dot Day, Knovators celebrated the book "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds as well as taking time to nourish their inner dots - each of us creating our own version of a dot in mixed media.


One cherished Knovation tradition is Pi Day, where we celebrate both 3.14 and delicious treats of a circular nature.

March 2012

Knovation launches icurio - a digital curriculum curation application to help support districts as they transition to digital learning environments.


Knovators love to celebrate holidays together - like dressing up at Halloween.

May 2012

Our CEO, Randy Wilhelm, challenges our perceptions of education and discusses a new model for innovating education; Igniting the hope of knowing in this powerful TEDx talk. Click to view video.


Our team comes from many different backgrounds and we celebrate when a team member accomplishes being undeniable here, or moving on to be undeniable somewhere else.

April 2013

We asked kids, "At your deepest level, what do you want to know?", click to see the kinds of things they told us they want to know.

September 2015

EdTech Digest awards netTrekker the Cool Tool Award - so exciting to know that Teachers were voting for netTrekker!


We are looking skyward (celebrating the Great American Eclipse) to think about all the cool ways we can continue doing something good for kids!

Our logo, the hummingbird with the open O is where our story lies … symbolizing the process of learning requires continuous nourishment, desires enrichment, is uniquely adapted to solving it's own need, and seldom noticed. But, beautiful when it is seen.