District Content Curation

In today’s world, the volume of free digital content and OER developed for use in K-12 is exploding. For K-12 GoOpen districts and other districts looking to capitalize on digital content for teaching and learning, curation matters. Curating content is a critically important process for minimizing the investment in adopting digital content and maximizing improvement in outcomes for student advancement and achievement.

Enabling Effective Curation in Your District: How Can We Help?

To assist your district with #K12CurationMatters submit a request for access to a FREE K-12 Digital Content Curation Playbook, enroll in a FREE Digital Content Curation Course or to set up a 30-minute Digital Content Curation planning call.

Does your district have a playbook for success in using digital content and OER?

Today, digital content and #OER is used in classrooms nationwide. Knovation’s FREE K-12 Digital Content Curation Playbook provides Districts, Schools and Programs a quick reference guide for the process of developing a digital content curation practice they can rely on, and for developing an effective, sustainable digital content portfolio.

The Playbook, while unique to a District, addresses the five “P’s” (Purpose, Program, Process, Platform, and People) as a framework for Districts to formalize their curation program, support District curators, and realize the promise of equitable access and personalized learning for their students.

Are you an educator interested in best practices for K-12 content curation?

Knovation’s FREE K-12 Digital Content Curation Course* serves educators by providing an introduction for using digital content to personalize learning and improve student engagement. This public, self-paced Course covers 5 topics about the process of curating digital content for K-12 learners.

Educators who successfully complete the course will be awarded 3 contact hours, a certificate of completion, and a digital badge.

Closed courses are offered to districts interested in course reporting for a small administrative fee. Closed courses can also be upgraded to include a subscription for participants to Knovation’s award-winning digital curriculum application, icurio.

* Course is delivered through Google Classroom. Participants must submit their request using a personal Gmail address.

Assist your district with #K12CurationMatters by submitting a request for FREE Digital Curation Content Resources.

Curation Resources

Knovation OER Quality Rubric

Knovation’s Application of Publishers Criteria for OER Alignment to Standards

A Guide to Differentiating Instruction Using OER

Knovation #GoOpen Summit Workshop Presentation

Knovation #GoOpen Summit Workshop Video

Exemplar OER Sample Resources

See sample learning resources from our Content Collection, curated by Knovation’s Curriculum Specialists. Each listing includes certain metadata that describes the resource and aligns it for use in the classroom.

Language Arts


Social Studies

Fine Arts

Knovation Curriculum Alignment Services

Knovation's Curation Playbook When Aligning Resources for Districts

Accelerate your digital transformation with a collection of resources aligned to our playlists or customized playlists aligned to your curriculum.

Making OER Accessible for EVERY Learner

TtT: TextHelp with Digital Text

Digital resources aren’t all flash and video, many very valuable learning opportunities come in the form of digital text. Text in any form is something some students struggle with – help all students be successful with digital text with the suite of TextHelp tools.

OER Articles

Randy Wilhelm Talks OER Challenges and Solutions

Knovation’s Founder offers tips and tricks for school districts wanting to incorporate more OER.

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OER Curation at Scale: An Opportunity to Support Personalized Learning

While we strive to develop curriculum, content and instruction that is as distinct as our learners, the scale of this effort can be as daunting as it is impractical. Much of the practice, process and materials developed in support of personalized learning provides support that makes this practice more attainable.

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Making the Case for Common K-12 Standards

In a time of policy uncertainty, here’s why common standards for OER and its technology could make all the difference.

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Is OER Really Free?

Districts and teachers are investing precious time and limited resources to find OER for their students, review it for quality, align it to standards, focus on its rigor, and ensure supports for special populations — at what cost?

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