Go do something good for kids, every day.

We believe that every child is a gift and that children are born with a natural desire to learn, to be curious.

Long before buzz words like personalized learning, digital transformation or OER were trending, we realized that free online resources could engage students and improve learning if they were well organized and presented for easy access.

Our mission to go do something good for kids, every day, is brought to life by our trusted OER Metadata Collection – well describing a wealth of online resources that makes learning personal.

Our ability to impact every child is amplified by valued technology, partnerships and customers who also seek to find better ways to engage students.

Together, we ignite the hope of knowing in every child.

A little bit about us…

In 1999, Randy Wilhelm co-founded netTrekker, pioneering a new direction and new solutions to address digital content delivery for personalized learning.

In February 2012, netTrekker, the then leader in personalized learning solutions, relaunched as Knovation and increased its offerings for solutions and services that help school districts leverage the power of free online resources to personalize instruction.

With our expanded focus, we added icurio and Curriculum Alignment Services to our portfolio. Recently, we have also added the ability to integrate the OER Metadata Collection into learning management and assessment platforms, providing seamless access to our resources.

We know districts work hard creating a rigorous curriculum. We work equally as hard finding & vetting quality content that is aligned to your state standards. Knovation enables districts to easily find, organize and share trusted online resources, including OER, to engage students, personalize instruction, add depth to their curriculum, save money and save their teachers time.

Let’s get teachers back to what they do best: teaching!

Knovation, in Randy's Words

Watch Randy explain how Knovation started making sense of the web for learning in 1999, and how the company has evolved and adjusted to changing needs of the market while focusing on sifting, sorting, curating and finding trusted online resources to be used in instruction – now delivered through each district’s platform of choice.

“Kids have a natural curiosity to know. Over time the system puts boundaries around that curiosity. The hope we have is that the curiosity to know is still embedded in every student and Knovation Learning can empower teachers and schools to unlock that unlimited curiosity and passion to learn.”

— Randy Wilhelm

Randy Speaks at TEDx

We are all born curious, and that curiosity remains inside us as we go through life. Randy passionately believes that students must be the ultimate and natural focus of education and learning.

A featured speaker at numerous industry events and universities, Randy inspires others to challenge the norms and innovate in education to make a difference in a student’s life.

Watch Randy’s idea of a s’more class, and his thoughts on learning as a means to knowing, and knowing as a means to being.

Randy on OER and the Shift to Digital Curriculum

Randy’s perspective on how OER, when properly curated and organized, can empower teachers and impact teaching and learning.

Video created in partnership with The Learning Counsel.