Pioneer in standards-aligned digital K-12 content makes its Content Collection available for integration with educational technology applications and platforms

CINCINNATI – Dec. 8, 2016 – While schools and education technology providers continue to navigate the complexities of finding and maintaining OER, Knovation introduces enhanced avenues for product integration to their Content Collection via Content Integration Services. With its certified, comprehensive and trusted process, Knovation has been paving the way to curate, contextualize, align and manage OER for schools since its inception nearly 20 years ago.

“The digital transformation currently underway in the K-12 space is gaining traction. It’s enabling teachers and students to tap into wonderful educational resources, created and curated by individuals and organizations across the country,” said Vikash Jaiswal, Chief Technology Officer at Knovation. Knovation provides an effective path forward to benefit from use of these resources and OER with our digital content solutions.”

Pivoting from solely supporting school districts with its netTrekker and icurio applications, Knovation believes another way to serve teachers and their students is to build undeniable partnerships with educational technology providers who can access its Content Collection via API service integration or Cloud data integration. This pivot allows school districts to engage in a one-stop experience for accessing vetted, aligned, and ready-to-use OER through their existing learning management, assessment, curriculum development or other education platforms.

“We’ve been able to witness a pretty encouraging shift in the market. As an increasing number of districts adopt technology platforms that help teachers manage classroom interactions, there is a growing expectation that teachers and students need a simple way to find and use digital content, without having to manage access to separate applications,” said Mark Hannah, Knovation’s Chief Product Development Officer. “Knovation’s Content Integration Services are designed to streamline the connection between free and open teacher-curated content and digital learning platforms, making it easy for teachers to find and embed engaging learning resources directly in their course or assessment system.”

Knovation values solid business partnerships with organizations like McGraw-Hill Education, NWEA, Interactive Achievement, and Core Learning Exchange, offering its standards-aligned Content Collection integrated with the solutions these partners deliver to schools. Through a Content Integration Services subscription with Knovation, business partners select the method of Content Collection delivery (API or cloud) using a simple pricing model, and receive ongoing support and account management.

“I’m extremely proud of how well our team listens to the market,” said Randy Wilhelm, CEO and Co-Founder of Knovation. “Our Content and Product Development teams embraced the pivot in our model, and we believe it stands to serve the business partners and school districts we currently support. It also allows us to engage in deeper, more meaningful relationships with anyone who is helping kids learn. We offer the best way to save teachers the valuable time and energy they need to help students while helping reduce the variability and uncertainty that comes with using uncurated OER.”

About Knovation

Knovation makes it easy to find, to organize, and to share free digital content for learning. Knovation’s curriculum experts professionally evaluate, tag, standards-align and continuously maintain a collection of hundreds of thousands of online resources covering all subject areas, all grades and all learning resource types. Since 1999, Knovation has delivered on the promise to do something good for kids, every day by helping districts and organizations that serve them meet the needs of diverse K-12 learners in digital learning environments. For more information, please visit