Learnetic, VocabAhead, and We Give Books’ to be integrated into nation’s leading educational digital content and curriculum solutions

Cincinnati, OHMay 30, 2013 – Knovation, the leader in advanced, personalized learning solutions, today announced that it has added Learnetic, VocabAhead and We Give Books as new content integration partners to its flagship solutions – netTrekker and icurio. With new and existing robust content from the most innovative and reputable education content developers, Knovation subscribers benefit from the digital learning experience provided through resources that are curated and continuously reviewed by educators, aligned to state and Common Core standards, intelligently tagged for flexible search and accessible in multiple formats.

Already available as part of icurio’s premium content collection, Learnetic Math and Science will now be available with netTrekker, Knovation’s leading solution for curating digital educational content. Learnetic Math and Science is a full collection of over 200 digital math and science lessons covering all the key national standards for middle school. The integration will allow netTrekker subscribers to add single sign-on access to Learnetic’s comprehensive set of activities that can be used for a variety of instructional needs, including pre-assessing student readiness, reinforcing concepts taught, re-teaching concepts students are struggling with, catch up assignments for absent students, or review and extension work.

Knovation now also includes full content from VocabAhead with netTrekker and icurio, Knovation’s flagship digital curriculum content solution for the design and delivery of personalized learning. VocabAhead provides a full-brain learning approach to understanding and mastering tough English words for standardized tests such as SAT, ACT and GRE. The combined effect of audio and visuals builds necessary multiple mental connections that make the recall of the meaning effortless.

Knovation has also added We Give Books as its newest content partner. We Give Books, a digital initiative created by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation, provides online reading of children’s picture books appropriate for children through age ten. Under the terms of their agreement, users of both icurio and netTrekker will initially have access to 75 books from the We Give Books collection. The books include a mix of fiction and nonfiction, a range of authors, and an equal balance between read-alouds and books for independent readers.

“We are thrilled to add Learnetic, VocabAhead and We Give Books–three of the industry’s most respected content providers to expand the breadth of content in netTrekker and icurio,” said Joe Grieshop, president and managing officer of Knovation. “Unlike open search or open educational resources, Knovation’s digital content and curriculum solutions amalgamate content in one place, providing teachers and students with access to unique combinations of content that are curated, contextual and standards-aligned.”

  • For more information on Learnetic Math and Science, please visit www.learnetic.com.
  • For more information on on VocabAhead, please visit www.vocabahead.com.
  • For more information on We Give Books, please visit www.wegivebooks.org.

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