Columbus, OH, September 20, 2018 – Access to quality open education resources (OER) is now easier for Ohio educators and students. In a partnership announced today, INFOhio will provide school districts with access to the Knovation Content Collection, using its full array of digital library applications.

Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library, INFOhio, transforms student learning by providing equitable access to quality resources, and cost-effective instruction and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio. “We leverage technology to provide an integrated library system for users; offer curated digital instructional content for educators; develop web-based tools for educators; and deliver cost-effective technical and instructional development and support,” according to Theresa M. Fredericka, Director of INFOhio.

“Knovation recognizes that quality open educational resources (OER) and open access learning resources can engage students and improve learning if those resources are well organized and presented for easy access. That is why this partnership is such an exciting step in helping us achieve our vision for the future success of Ohio students,” said Geoff Andrews, CEO of The Management Council.

“In the PK-12 world where the number of OER is growing almost exponentially, teachers have told us ‘less is more’ – provide a targeted collection of OER that is trusted, aligned and classroom-ready,” said Randy Wilhelm, CEO of Knovation. “At Knovation, we do just that and our partnership with INFOhio will help Ohio’s PreK-12 teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders find the right OER that is of highest quality, safe for use in teaching and learning, and educationally relevant.”

Certain resources from Knovation’s Collection are now available through Educator Tools, powered by INFOhio and includes more than 45,000 teacher-approved lesson plans, best practices, articles, websites, and other instructional resources, curated by Knovation, to support personalized learning, project-based learning, and the inquiry process. In INFOhio’s Educator Tools, teachers can find the best-in-class learning resources for all grades and all subject areas to differentiate and to personalize learning for Ohio’s PreK-12 students.

About INFOhio
INFOhio is Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library with a vision that each Ohio PreK-12 student has equal access to high quality digital resources for a successful education and future. INFOhio transforms student learning by licensing a collection of instructional content—selected to support Ohio’s Learning Standards—and making it easily accessible to all Ohio PreK-12 students, their parents, and teachers from any Internet-connected device—at no cost to Ohio’s schools. INFOhio is optimized by the Management Council, which represents and supports the collaborative efforts of Ohio’s Information Technology Centers. Visit INFOhio at

About Knovation
Knovation makes it easy to find, to organize, and to share free digital content for learning. Knovation hires curriculum experts to professionally evaluate, tag, and standards-align K-12 learning resources covering all subject areas, all grades and all learning resource types. Additionally, Knovation uses advanced technology to continuously maintain its collection of hundreds of thousands of online resources. Since 1999, Knovation has delivered on the promise to do something good for kids, every day by helping districts and organizations that serve them meet the needs of diverse K-12 learners in digital learning environments. For more information, please visit

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