CINCINNATI – April 18, 2017 — Knovation, provider of professionally vetted and aligned digital content and open education resources (OER), partners with Canvas, the open online learning management system (LMS) by Instructure that makes teaching and learning easier. This partnership distributes Knovation’s icurio application to current and prospective LMS subscribers, enabling teachers to easily embed relevant and engaging content into their Canvas classrooms, courses and lessons.

In response to undeniable demand from their LMS subscribers for access to standards-aligned, quality learning resources, Canvas will accommodate teachers with OER services to meet the diverse needs of students.

“Today, educators are tasked with finding the right digital content and OER for their K-12 classrooms. They spend considerable time and energy searching for content that aligns with education standards and their curriculum to effectively engage all students,” said Melissa Loble, VP of partners and platforms at Instructure. “At Instructure, we want to help teachers effectively find the right content so that they can devote the majority of their time to meaningful instruction with their students.”

icurio solves the content curation challenge by bringing trust, order and context to digital content and OER, so teachers can easily find what they need, when they need it. Through Canvas, icurio offers teachers one-click access to a reliable collection of resources that enables them to quickly and effectively curate resources for their classroom and individual students.

“Knovation has been curating digital content for 17 years. Our proven curation process and adherence to quality ensures that teachers curating content through icurio for their classroom minimize time spent finding great content and maximize time spent with students,” said Randy Wilhelm, CEO of Knovation. “We serve our mission to do something good for kids by helping teachers.”

Canvas subscribers interested in learning about how icurio seamlessly integrates with Canvas can request information at:

About Knovation

Knovation makes it easy to find, to organize, and to share free digital content for learning. Knovation’s curriculum experts professionally evaluate, tag, standards-align and continuously maintain a collection of hundreds of thousands of online resources covering all subject areas, all grades and all learning resource types. Since 1999, Knovation has delivered on the promise to do something good for kids, every day by helping districts and organizations that serve them meet the needs of diverse K-12 learners in digital learning environments. For more information, please visit