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Need OER for your K-12 application or platform?

Knovation offers immediate access to quality, managed OER metadata and industry leading integration technologies.


Best-in-class OER Metadata Collection for your application or platform


Roadmap ready, turn-key integration using industry standard technology


Established partnerships with industry leading K-12 technology service providers

Check out the Knovation OER Metadata Collection Difference

Curated learning resources from your favorite K-12 publishers, and thousands more quality providers

All grades, all subject areas, all learning resource types to differentiate and personalize learning

Proprietary learning resource certification process assures quality across the Collection

Teacher evaluated, K-12 standards-aligned learning resources plus hand selected playlists

Learning resources are continuously analyzed for high availability and K-12 classroom appropriateness

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Immediate benefit from turn-key integration services and support

Seamless Metadata Integration Provides Turn-Key Access to High Quality OER

Let Knovation serve as your K-12 OER curator. Our market leading OER Metadata Collection accessed through proven turn-key integration technologies enables speed to market for your applications and platforms that benefit from OER.

Ready to integrate? It has never been so easy.

LTI Search Services

Search our OER Metadata Collection using our IMS industry standard LTI Content Services.

API Content Services

Benefit from our proven proprietary search to access extended data fields in our OER Metadata Collection.

Cloud Content Services

Need full integration flexibility, host the best curated OER metadata in the industry in your own environment.

Serving K-12 Teaching and Learning through Integration

Serving Districts and Schools

Knovation’s School Solutions provide access to a dynamic collection of professionally-evaluated, standards-aligned online learning resources through our award-winning applications or custom-integrated with your learning system. Give your teachers a powerful head start by engaging our Services Team to align online resources to your district’s curriculum.

Doing something good for kids every day.

Knovation’s drive to nurture the innate desire to learn (to “Know”) within every child started with our co-founder and CEO, Randy Wilhelm. He observed that every child is born with an insatiable desire to learn, an innocent curiosity really, that is often stripped away by an education system whose currency is in the answer, not the question. See what we are doing at Knovation to make sure every child has the chance to learn on his or her terms, in a way that ignites in each one the desire to know.

“Kids have a natural curiosity to know. Over time the system puts boundaries around that curiosity. The hope we have is that the curiosity to know is still embedded in every student and Knovation Learning can empower teachers and schools to unlock that unlimited curiosity and passion to learn.”