Leverage the potential of free online resources.


Your digital transformation presents exciting opportunities. With them, come challenges – including the uncertainty around providing high-quality, rigorous online resources to support your teachers and students.

How do you ensure your teachers are using reliable, standards-aligned online resources so students can truly benefit from your district’s digital transformation?

Our Solutions

  • Knovation Content Collection: A wealth of professionally-evaluated online resources easily accessible through our applications or integrated into your LMS or assessment platform.
  • netTrekker: A simple application that allows teachers and students to search and share the wealth of reliable online resources from the Knovation Content Collection.
  • icurio: A digital curriculum application that leverages the wealth of engaging online resources from the Knovation Content Collection to design and deliver digital lessons.
  • Knovation Professional Learning: Prepare your teachers to make the most of online resources to personalize instruction.
  • Knovation Curriculum Services: Accelerate your digital transformation with a collection of resources aligned to your curriculum.

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