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National Ranking Names Top School Districts Using netTrekker Search to Differentiate Instruction and Enhance the Learning Experience

Knovation’s Top “Digital Learning Awards” go to Districts in Tennessee, Arkansas and Illinois

Cincinnati, OHOctober 9, 2012 – A national ranking of the top 100 school districts that use the pioneering educational search tool netTrekker Search was released today by Knovation, the leader in personalized learning solutions. The Digital Learning Awards Program honors school districts that are effectively using digital resources to transform their teaching and learning environments. The winning districts have recognized the impact digital resources can have in creating engaging, differentiated learning experiences while promoting independent learning.

The Digital Learning Awards (in terms of usage) were broken out by small-, medium- and large-sized districts for the 2011-2012 school year. Shelby County Schools in Memphis, Tennessee, leading the way with the implementation of digital resources since 2004, finished first in the large district category and first overall. Fort Smith Public Schools, in Fort Smith, Arkansas finished first in the medium district category, and Community Consolidated School District 93 in Bloomingdale, Illinois, finished first in the small district category. The number of educational searches performed using netTrekker Search during the 2011-2012 school year by the top 100 districts ranged from over 124,000 searches to 4 million searches (top user).

With more than 25 industry awards for educational excellence, Knovation’s educational search tool, netTrekker Search, has supported over 27 million students and 1 million teachers in more than 30,000 schools since 2000 in creating engaging, 21st century learning environments.

Seventy-four percent of school administrators cite increased student engagement in school and learning as the top benefit (2011 Speak Up National Research Project) of regularly using digital content, which is becoming a foundational component of the 21st century classroom. In line with this national trend, the 2012 netTrekker Search Impact Study found that more than three-fourths (77%) of netTrekker Search subscribers rate it as an extremely valuable teaching resource, while 97% of subscribers indicate netTrekker Search has had a positive impact on their students.

“We are proud to recognize the excellent school districts on this list for their commitment to innovation in the classroom and for their work to create an environment that fosters engaging personalized learning experiences with digital tools and curriculum,” said Randy Wilhelm, CEO of Knovation. “We are honored to work with the leaders, teachers and students in these districts year after year to help transform learning for students across the country.”

In addition to be being featured on the Knovation website, winning districts will receive a prize package that includes free professional learning and netTrekker Search branded materials as well as the opportunity to gain additional exposure for this national recognition.

The top three school districts (in terms of usage) in each category include:

Large-Size Districts (> than 25,000 student enrollment)
  1. Shelby County Schools, Memphis, Tennessee
  2. Orange County Public Schools, Orlando, Florida
  3. Forsyth County Schools, Cumming, Georgia
Mid-Size Districts (5,000-24,999 student enrollment):
  1. Fort Smith Public Schools, Fort Smith, Arkansas
  2. Phoenix Elementary School District 1, Phoenix, Arizona
  3. West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District, West Windsor, New Jersey
Small-Size Districts (< than 5,000 student enrollment):
  1. Community Consolidated School District 93, Bloomingdale, Illinois
  2. LaGrange Elementary School District 102, LaGrange Park, Illinois
  3. Delphi Community School District, Delphi, Indiana

You can see the complete list of Top 100 Digital Learning Award winners at the netTrekker website.

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