Since 1999, Knovation has supported thousands of school districts across the nation.
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Knovation offers a cost-effective way to access great resources through solutions that teachers love – helping us reach our goal of "every child, every day."

Dr. Mark Edwards | Superintendent of Mooresville Graded School District | Mooresville, NC

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Knovation’s drive to nurture the innate desire to learn (to “Know”) within every child started with our co-founder and CEO, Randy Wilhelm. He observed that every child is born with an insatiable desire to learn, an innocent curiosity really, that is often stripped away by an education system whose currency is in the answer, not the question. See what we are doing at Knovation to make sure every child has the chance to learn on his or her terms, in a way that ignites in each one the desire to know…

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Knovation brings an award-winning process for vetting digital content, ensuring that it’s rigorous, aligned to standards and accessible to all kids.

Dr. Jason Van Heukelum| Assist. Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction at Cabarrus Co Schools| Concord, NC

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“Kids have a natural curiosity to know. Over time the system puts boundaries around that curiosity. The hope we have is that the curiosity to know is still embedded in every student and Knovation Learning can empower teachers and schools to unlock that unlimited curiosity and passion to learn.”

– Randy Wilhelm, CEO